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Kid Friendly Restaurants Rock

We’ve all been there, right? Dinner time is coming, you’re exhausted from a long day at work, and no one wants to cook. But where can you go that has something for your mature, foodie palettes aaannnd something for the kiddos? 

Your stomach turns at the thought of fast food, and your face says “ugh” when you think of all the same greasy food options.  Couldn’t there be a simpler solution? Wouldn’t it be great to have a budget-friendly option for mealtime that didn’t involve a drive thru or ordering pizza?

Part of the fun of eating out as a family is the change of scenery, a breath of fresh air from staying at home all day, or simply an extra excuse to get out of the house and change things up a bit.. So why not visit a kid-friendly restaurant that has something for everyone? At East Bay Deli, there’s a kid’s menu for the littles, and a wide range of options for moms and dads or aunts and uncles or grandparents….or anyone!!!

Kid Friendly Food with balloons

So, grab the stroller and the kids and head to your neighborhood EBD. Our spacious dining room is open so you’re welcome to dine inside, or you can enjoy your meal outside at our umbrella-covered patio tables. And if it’s just been one of those days and you have an overtired, tantrum-prone toddler on your hands, order online for some DELIcious cuisine for pickup or have it delivered to you. We’re a family-owned restaurant, so we understand family dining may look different depending on the day everyone’s had!

What Kind of Food is There for Kids?

Parents, explore our authentic New York Deli style menu of sandwiches, salads, spuds, and desserts without worrying about finding something the kids will eat as well. To help family mealtime run smoothly, we’ve created a kids menu for children under 10 stacked with options so even the picky eaters in the bunch can find something they’ll take more than a few bites of, ‘cause we all know how that goes!

From hotdogs to chicken fingers, cheese quesadillas to PBJ, corn dogs to mac ‘n’ cheese, we have all of the kid favorites! Any of our traditional sandwiches can be ordered kid-sized as well (half a sandwich), for kids who may be more adventurous or have started insisting their meal looks like what Dad has. All kids’ meals come with a side item and a drink. Now, all the bases are covered!

Crayons and coloring sheets come standard at all of our locations for the young ones who want an activity to keep their hands busy while they’re not dunking a chicken finger in ketchup or ranch or whatever sauce is the “have to have it on everything” sauce this week. ;)

chicken finger kids meal with crayons and coloring sheet

Before you corral everyone out the door, don’t forget to check out the dessert case. There is a sweet option there for the whole family, and may we say, our Juniors® chocolate cake or carrot cake is sure to hit the spot! Even if you don’t want to give the kiddos any sugar, you’ll want to grab something for yourself to enjoy after everyone’s in bed. Trust us, it’s worth it.

If you’re in the Lowcountry, find an East Bay Deli near you…one of the best kid friendly restaurants in Charleston, SC

  • Downtown – 334 East Bay Street, Ste H
  • Mt. Pleasant – 1120 Oakland Market Road
  • West Ashley – 858 Savannah Highway
  • North Charleston – 4405 Dorchester Rd
  • North Charleston – 9135 University Blvd 
  • Summerville – 2519 N. Main Street, Ste B

Check out our Charleston 2024 Kids Night Schedule!

Kids Night Charleston 2024 Schedule

Looking for an East Bay Deli in the Midlands? We have 5 kid friendly restaurants in Columbia, SC

  • Columbia The Hub -1426 Main Street
  • Clemson Rd – 2708 Clemson Rd, Unit C
  • West Columbia – 108 Sunset Court
  • Irmo – 7688-A Broad River Rd
  • Cayce – 917 State St

Check out our Columbia 2024 Kids Night Schedule!

What Restaurants Have Kids Night?

By now, I’m sure you can tell we love kids! It’s true! So much so that we offer Kids Nights one night a week from 4pm-close at seven of our locations. During Kids Nights you’ll get a free kids meal when you purchase an adult meal. How easy! Every week you can bank on East Bay Deli providing a simple solution to the “What are we doing for dinner?” question. Dine-in or take-out for this amazing deal, and your stress-free family nights have never been easier.

Check out our locations that host kids nights EVERY week!

Imagine this: You get your Club Calhoun sandwich, our triple decker white meat turkey, New York style pastrami, lettuce, tomato and Swiss on toasted rye with chips and a pickle ANNND your daughter’s grilled cheese with pickle, chips, and dessert is FREEEE! What a win! And this happens every week. Come by and get great food, hang out, listen to the music, enjoy the ambiance and relax. Kids Night at East Bay Deli means an easy night for mom and dad. Oh yeah! Some of our locations even serve beer (for the parents of course)! Have we convinced you to become East Bay Deli regulars yet?? 

Best Kids Night in Town

kids having fun playing dress up

Can you believe it gets better?! Once a month, each of our kids night locations hosts a craft night or special event for the youngsters as well. Past kids nights have included hand painting, ornament making, and glitter tattoos. Summertime brings extra fun, like a kids night of ice cream with sprinkles! Who needs a germy indoor play area or kid zone when you can make your own superhero mask or write a letter to Santa?! There’s something different and fun all year long.

Monthly craft or special event kids nights take place on a recurring schedule to make it easy to remember. Mark your calendars, parents! We’ll plan the event AND make the food. You don’t even have to help with the dishes. ;) Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see what the new kids night activity will be each month. 

Better yet, subscribe to East Bay Deli emails and receive the lineup of events all in one place – your inbox! You’ll even get an exclusive discount every month! 

It doesn’t matter if you have toddlers or tweens and teenagers, there’s something for everyone at East Bay Deli. We’ve even been voted the best deli 17 years in a row! So, if you want great food and a great atmosphere, and you want to make sure the kiddos will love it, come by and see us today!